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Ever After High

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This community is for fans of Ever After High, a new doll line created by Mattel. It's somewhat connected to MH, because C. A. Cupid has transferred there, but time will tell how much the two lines will be linked.


1) Behave.


3) Please put any fanfics, larger pics or more than three icons under a cut. For smaller pictures, one is allowed in the main text without a cut, but any more than that need to be placed behind a cut. Information on how to use cuts is here:

4) Please do not just take people's images or icons. If they give permission, that is fine. But if there is no mention of any sort of permission, please ask them before using their pictures, and then wait until you receive it before reposting.

5) I'm not picky about language and I encourage spirited debates, but please do remain respectful of others and their opinions.

6) This is an Ever After High community, but we are open to discussion of similar properties with fairy tales. Monster High stuff should go in monster_high though, unless there is some specific connection to EAH.

7) Buy/Sell/Trade posts are NOT allowed here. Please visit our sister community mh_marketplace for those needs. (We're using the MH sales community for EAH as of now. I think it can be safely assumed that these will be compatible doll lines.)

8) Advertisements for other locations are allowed, but they must be significantly different than this community. I didn't create this place so people could use it to recruit for their own comm.

9) SCALPERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Scalping, in this case, means purchasing new items (often all the ones on the shelves) with the intent of selling them at highly inflated prices. I don't mean small price hikes that include tax, gas and a minor handling fee. I'm talking $80 for a $20 doll. (This does not include retired items or exclusive items, such as the SDCC dolls.) This practice sickens me and if I find out members are scalping, they will be banned. I will not have the news that gets reported here help people in taking advantage of others.

10) Anything involving illegal downloads is not allowed. Sharing free TV specials is one thing, but when you're talking about shows that are only available on DVD, that's a different story. Keep it legal.
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